The table below shows the most recent prices per liter of octane-95 gasoline, regular diesel, and other fuels. These are retail (pump) level prices, including all taxes and fees. The information is updated weekly.
Fuels, price per liter Date JPY USD
Gasoline prices 10.06.2024 174.8 1.113
Diesel prices 10.06.2024 154.5 0.984
Kerosene prices 10.06.2024 117.1 0.746
The next table shows the electricity rates per kWh. In the calculations, we use the average annual household electricity consumption and, for business, we use 1,000,000 kWh annual consumption. More recent data are available for download.
Electricity prices per kWh Date JPY USD
Households 01.09.2023 33.56 0.214
Business 01.09.2023 29.42 0.187
We report the prices of natural gas. For households, we show the prices on consumption of 30,000 kWh consumption per year. For businesses, the consumption level used in the calculation is 1,000,000 kWh per year.
Natural gas prices per kWh Date JPY USD
Households 01.09.2023 12.154 0.077 USD
Business 01.09.2023 11.36 0.072 USD
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